The Herd

Humans, the Herd as called by werewolves, unsurprisingly dominate Dublin, both in the Flesh and in the Spirit and are the source of many problems for many packs.

It is easy to think of the Herd as a lumbering animal unaware of the greater reaches of their world, and though this is a good general stereotype there are individuals who have a wider knowledge.

More than a few Iron Masters have suspicions that there is a cadre of officers in the Garda with a little bit more than a cursory knowledge of things that go bump in the night, and every now and again Dublin packs have to put down a spirit cult.

Recently the The Black Rock Pack have taken down a small but tenacious cult working on the coastline in southern Dublin, who were feeding ‘undesirables’ to the Drowned.

The Herd

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