The Black Rock Pack


A small pack based in the Blackrock area south of Dublin, with some overlap in the Dún Laoghaire area. They are led by an Elodoth Blood Talon who keeps the packs eyes firmly out to the south-west, waiting for the Pure to move again. The pack also has an Ithaeur Storm Lord, who has multiple links to the various elemental spirits that are found out to the coast.

They have several mortal members, mostly locals drawn form the area in a strange ‘community watch’ gig.

Their totem is a spirital representation of the Blackrock found in the area, and grants the pack great levels of resistance.


“Old Bear” (Elodoth Blood Talon) – Old of the elder Forsaken in Dublin, bringing the Black Rock pack together after the last incursion. Acts as a mediator for the pack, looks about 40.

“Winds Whisper” (Itheaur Storm Lord) – An older woman, peer of Old Bear, and a respected elemental Shaman. Quite why she chose the Black Rock pack over the Elemental Wolves is a small mystery.

“Shield” (Irraka Iron Master) – A former member of the Garda, Shield mediates and watches the territory, keeping an eye on it’s residents.

Amanda Brennan (Rahu Iron Master) – A newly changed Uratha from the area picked up by Shield. She has changed for a little over two months.

The Black Rock Pack

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