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Welcome to the main page of Fire and Brine, here you’ll find links to the main wiki pages for the game, including characters, setting information, enemies and lastly mechanics.

That Which Came Before

The history of Dublin is long and complicated, and the Shadow is likewise a complex labyrinth of forgotten corners, crimes and mysteries.

The Hunters

The Forsaken of Dublin are scattered and disparate, with the only contact between packs tending to be the gathering of Tribes. There is a lot of unclaimed territory to pack in Dublin, with plenty of room to expand. In fact most boasts of territory size are exaggerated from what each pack can realistically hold.

There are several well known packs in Dublin:
The Dockland Wolves – A pack who claim the docklands as their territory. They mainly consist of Storm Lords and Iron Masters. They draw pack membership from the workers found there, and they make a living skimming from the top in the docks.

The Residents – The pack that claims Trinity College as hunting ground. They are made up of Uratha who have continued to have a close link to the College in their new life. Bone Shadows and Iron Masters make up the majority of members. They have several security guards and staff as members of their pack.

The Cobblestones – Temple bar is claimed by a diverse pack of Forsaken drawn from several Tribes. They are led by an venerable Ithaeur Bone Shadow, though the pack has several younger members. Their mortal pack mates are drawn from residents and publicans in the area, as well as one beat Garda.

The Last Line – A pack of grim survivors based in Phoenix Park. Mostly made up of Blood Talons and Hunters, they are insane enough to take prime territory back from the Pure. The pack is rarely seen in the city and are isolationist. They don’t have many non-Uratha packmates, who slow them down.

The Black Rock Pack – A small pack based out to the south in Blackrock/ DĂșn Laoghaire. They have managed to carve out a small territory on this sea-side, and isolated position. They are mainly Storm Lords and Hunters, but are led by an Elodoth Blood Talon who keeps an eye out on the Pure on the Wicklow Mountains.

The Bogeymen – The Bogeymen are a isolated pack to the east of Dublin, and are primarily a Hunter and Blood Talon pack. A lot of their members are part of a strange Lodge who use fear to control those who violate their Sacred Places.

The Hounds of the Elements – One of the older packs in Dublin, and most members predate the last Pure incursion. The Pack is mostly made up of Bone Shadows and Storm Lords. They exist to the north (barely within the city limits), on the coast and are experts in elemental spirits. They have recently taken in newly Changed Elodoth, time will tell whether they’ll stick around.

The are a few Lodges in Dublin; the Lodge of Death, and The Lodge of the Wendigo are the best known out of the world wide Lodges.

A few regional Lodges exist in Dublin; Ocean’s Fury is a member of the Lodge of the Maelstrom, One Who Binds is a member of the reduced Lodge of the Empty Bowl and the Hunters in Darkness in The Bogeymen are members of an Irish Lodge of the Bean Sidhe.

The Territory

This is the territory of the pack. It is located in the south end of Dublin, around the area of Rathmines. The area is bound by the canal to it’s north and Mount Jerome Cemetery to the West. Also to the north of the territory is Cathal Brugha Barracks. There are several key locations:
22 Killeen Road – The site of a horrific murder
The Chase – The safe place of the pack
Woad Warrior Tattoos – A newish tattoo shop in Rathmines

The Shadow of Dublin

The spirits of Dublin are split into small Courts, that ultimate pay tribute to the spirit of the city The Liffey. These Courts though are legitimately separate entities, the main Courts in the city are centred around Trinity College, The Courts, Temple Bar, the Financial District. There is a large amount of natural spirits in the city, with the boundaries of the green places and the rest of the city becoming even more Darwinian than usual. When the occasional storm from the sea comes into Dublin the entire Shadow is turned upside down as the elemental spirits wash over the city.

The Prey

Dublin is not short of prey for the Wolves. Some are threats common to Uratha across world, and some are unique to this hunting ground.

The Pure
The Hosts
The Herd
The Drowned


The game will most likely have some homebrewed mechanics for Werewolf the Forsaken Second Edition. Below are completed and works in progress.

Agony Gifts
Disease Gifts
The Fire Touched
The Ivory Claws
The Predator Kings
Savagery Gifts
Scourge Gifts

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