Lodge of the Maelstrom


An sea-faring Lodge inside the Storm Lords. The Lodge of the Maelstrom claims Patronship from a powerful storm spirit claiming allegiance with Winter Wolf. The Lodge specialises the Hunt on threats found within the waters. Some rare few travel on the waters of the World of Darkness, but most are found along the coasts with a wide network of members in communication.

In Dublin

The coast around Ireland have always had travellers, and the Lodge has thrived here for centuries. The stereotype is that the Lodge was brought over by Viking Uratha, but most Forsaken in Dublin usually dismiss this as a poor joke. The only member left after the Incursion is Ocean’s Fury, but she keeps close ties with other Lodge members found around Cork, Limerick, Belfast and even over the seas to Bristol.

Membership and Benefits

The Lodge, as typical for it’s Tribe, values self-sufficiency above everything else. The seas are a lonely place for one of the People and dangerously inimical for life. A member must, therefore, be trusted to fend for themselves. A value for the elemental fury, and beauty, the seas can bring are often valued. Members commonly tend to come from nautical background, though some Forsaken find themselves drawn to the seas after their Change. The actual benefits of the Lodge are unclear, though outsiders tend to assume they have ways to be able to Hunt prey from the rough waters around Dublin.

Lodge of the Maelstrom

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