Lodge of the Bean Sidhe


An Irish Lodge that uses fear itself to punish transgressors of the Hunters’ Sacred Places. They have existed for as long as anyone can remember on the island, and the Cahalith of the island are unsure quite when the myths that the Lodge use, and the reality of the Lodge’s activity actually end.

In times past, the members cloaked themselves in old Irish legend, aided by their Patron the Bean Sidhe – a ghostly spirit of Fear that might be the origin of that particular myth.

Nowadays they tend to use urban legends more so than ancient myths. Lodge members will happily use the idea of a hooked handed serial killer stalking you through your dreams one Hunt, and on another don the mask of the headless Dullahan.

In Dublin

Though spread across Ireland, in Dublin the Lodge is mostly confined to a single pack, the Bogeymen. They are the largest Lodge of Hunters in the city though, as a result the Tribe tends to have a macabre reputation.

Membership and Benefits

It’s members and patron respect those hold the concept of a Sacred Place, as well as those with a healthy respect for legends. Those who hunt under the Lodge’s membership are expected to be knowledgeable about stories and legends that could prove to open the gap in their prey’s armour.

It seems that the Lodge’s benefits include being able to yield the effects of fear itself as if they were the source of the legend itself. It is whispered that that they can also change their appearance to fully immerse themselves in their Hunts role.

Lodge of the Bean Sidhe

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