Lodge of Death


A secretive Lodge within the Bone Shadows, who specialise in the deathly. Their patron is a powerful death spirit in the Court of Death Wolf. For as long as the Bone Shadows have been, the Lodge worked in the background, putting strange Shades down that don’t seen to play by the convention rules of other Ghosts. The Lodge also know the deep and dark places of the world don’t necessarily end in the Flesh, but in a grey, shrouded cave.

In Dublin

Dublin’s long and tumultuous history has created many gateways into the Caves of the Dead, and the Lodge as maintained a steady, but small membership. This membership problem hasn’t helped with the rumour being you need to die to join the Lodge. The Lodge in Dublin is additionally themed across the waters of the Dead, they believe the Liffey has links with the Rivers of the Dead. The head member of the Lodge, Sings for the Dead, claims to have been the Caves and found the shade of the Liffey.

Membership and Benefits

The Lodge respects those who show an interest in the history and deathly landscape of Dublin. They generally only consider applicants with healthy willpower, as thoe who are weak willed are rumoured to die in their initiation. All members of the Lodge show a plain disregard for powers in the World of Darkness who rule by fear. By staring into the void it is said that it’s members cannot know fear.

Lodge of Death

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