The Chase

One of many examples of a building project left abandoned by the economic bust. It’s located on a quiet road, left alone by the larger community. Its only inhabitants are the odd homeless, and the odd group of teenager on a dare.

The outside of the project is bounded by a chain fence and a gate locked by a rusted lock on a chain. Past this is the unkempt wild growth of vegetation, hiding much of the faded and stained facade of the building. Past this is the bare bones of the abandoned structure, with windows boarded up and the main doors chained shut. Scattered about on it’s face is the odd graffiti.

It is the current home of Jack, who lives in one of the unfinished rooms, sleeping on a pile of old sleeping bags.

The building has five floors, with a central shaft where the elevator would be, the Chase also has a basement designed to be a car-park. There is roof access, in one corner of the top floor.

The Chase

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