Story One - A Place Called Home

Chapter One – Four newly changed werewolves are brought together, and find themselves talking down a wolf-blooded.

Chapter Two – The four werewolves, introduced and having a safe place, decide to find a totem to create a pack, and also find a locus.

Chapter Three – The newly formed Bleeding Hunters decide to start solving their territorial issues. Step one, get rid of the Black Veins.

Chapter Four – The pack continue their rampage across their territory, keen on getting rid of this new drug on the streets. They find that sometimes, skill will out weight the ability to turn into a gigantic fucking monster.

Chapter Five – With Lorcan on the edge of death, Ethan goes on a Spirit Quest to find a healer, meanwhile John looks over some notes.

Chapter Six – John is called to the Storm Lord Gathering, and Lorcan, Ethan and Jack wind down. With guns.

Chapter Seven – Ethan and Lorcan, now in the Shadow visit the Library and pop into Confession. Meanwhile John meets some werewolves in the middle of a Storm.

Chapter Eight – The Shining One meets it’s comeuppance, and Ethan Death Rages.

Story One - A Place Called Home

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