Old Bones

Elder Bone Shadow Visionary


Purity 2
Glory 5
Honour 3
Wisdom 4
Cunning 2

Primal Urge – 6


A respected elder of the Bone Shadows, and one of the most potent Uratha in the city. He is currently packless, his old pack fell apart after the last Pure incursion. Recently he has been seen wander the Shadow muttering about a “bow-wave” coming. He is a rarity amongst werewolves who normally don’t survive to his age, not without becoming something quite inhuman.

He resembles a weathered and scarred man in his 50’s with shock white hair and beard. He is dressed in practical clothes, and covered in strange trinkets and totems typical of his Tribe mates.

He speaks slowly and deliberately, he doesn’t waste words, and when riled is practically unstoppable.

He dreams of Drowning.

Old Bones

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