Cecil FitzWilliams

Suspicious Neonate Vampire


Cecil didn’t want to be turned, but the guy who Embraced him was fucking nuts – so what are you going to do? At least his ‘Sire’ isn’t… around anymore.

The only problem is now the sun burns his skin off, and all the rest of the Vampires out there don’t really care for him or won’t help. Still, it could be worse, he’s found out he can disappear from sight, and gain some insight from his surroundings. The disappearing suits Cecil fine, as now he can finish his ‘novel’ in peace.

Recently he’s been found out by a pack of fucking werewolves, who call themselves the Bleeding Hunters. Still, as long as he doesn’t over-feed (not an issue by the way, seriously – who decided drinking Blood was decent?) they put up with him.

Hell, sometimes they’re good company.

Cecil FitzWilliams

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