Fire and Brine

The Interlude

The Interlude

Welcome back! Sorry about the lack of updates, we’ve been on slight hiatus around the summer. Last session was a bit of a strange one, it’s set in the time between Story One, and Story Two (about a month). And because it’s been so long I can’t remember enough details to actually write a full actual play this time. So I’ve added a quick round up, mostly as notes, but to let you know what the characters have been up to.

An aside: This session is a bit strange because of a little experiment. When I GM I tend to run scene after scene, following the logical progression of the PC’s actions. As you may have noticed this means most games are of a 24 variety, with little downtime. So… Hence this session. It was designed to explicitly scenes taken from about a month of downtime, highlighting the important scenes that either set up stuff form Story Two, or tie up some loose ends from Story One. I would be interested if you’ve done anything like this, most games I’ve been tend to do the whole 24 shebang.

Anyways! Back to the action, a week or so after the incident at the Church.

A week after the incident at the Church the pack catch up properly for the first time, with them wondering what they’re long term plans are now that they have some time to breath. The money from the hit men are split properly, and they all agree to put some aside to spruce up the Chase. Also on their list is how they’re going to manage their territory. Lorcan and Ethan agree that some sort of gang will probably be useful, if they control the goings on in Rathmines they dictate how bad it can be. Jack forcefully removes drug pushing from the table, he’s not going to deal after he’s been through. Blue turns up in conversation, but the pack isn’t sure how to proceed, he’s been gone a week now, but he is an Irraka.

Meanwhile Ethan thinks back a couple of days ago where he walked in Bodkin, Bodkin and Fitzgeralds – the reasonably priced lawyers. After a discussion, the lawyers and him hammer out the details and Ethan now needs to get a hold of the copy of Ethan’s father’s will he owned before his mother ‘amended’ it. With a sinking feel Ethan realises it’s where he left most of his pre-Change belongings. At the top of 22 Killeen Road.

Around the same time, a week or so after the Church incident, the pack are gathered in the basement shop Woad Warrior Tattoos, where Lorcan and Sinead are tattooing the pack with a pack tattoo.


As Ethan is tattooed, he remembers the immediate aftermath of the night at the Church, with Jackie. As Lorcan climbs out of the burning and collapsing church, he lays a heavily bleeding Jackie onto the group, the rain washing some of the blood from her face. Thinking quickly, the only way they’ll be able to save he is if Ethan can transfer some of her wounds from her, but she’ll need to be a pack-mate first.

John, picks her up and sprints for the bridge their totem resides at, with the rest of the pack following. They need to get there, but John needs to be fast as Jackie’s lifeblood ebbs away.

John gets there, just, and the dark stormy night obscures the sight of him bleed Jackie into the canal. The weight of the totemic bond drops onto them, and Ethan running into view wrenches some of Jackie’s wounds onto himself. Lorcan, able to use a new gift, grabs John’s shoulder and tells him a story about a wolf, and broken bones – and suddenly John has a great deal of medical know-how.

“Stabilise her!” Shouts Lorcan.

Aaaah, this Story Is True – my favourite facet.

Once stabilised, Lorcan picks her up, feeling guilty about his role in her night, and carries her to the nearby hospital, St James. At A&E, Jackie is quickly seen to and the nurse who first meets Lorcan later lets him know she should be okay, but will need a lengthy recovery. Lorcan also has to deal with a Detective Byrne.

He’s a Wolf-Blooded.

Time passes, two weeks after the night at the Church. Lorcan wants to craft a Fetish, after having known the rite for a month or so. He figures out a scary tattoo will do, in the shape of the Eye of Balor. Fortunately (or not) there are plenty of fear spirits around at the moment, thanks to the various massacres around. Ethan and him capture one, and tattoos the corpus of the thing into his hand.

A couple of days later, Ethan brings Lorcan and Jack to 22 Killeen Road – intent on getting his will back, and then declaring himself no longer legally dead!

As the trio get to the house, now under heavy watch by the Garda. The recent events have forced the city’s hand. The two ‘tragedies’, as the media put it, have made the Garda look ineffective. There is now a new initiative, therefore, one that is going to have new funding to specifically deal with this sort of crime. A new up coming Detective is heading it up. Detective Byrne.

It’s now Ethan realises that the will isn’t going to be in the house, as they stare at it. It’s going to be in evidence.

Ethan’s player swears now, if I remember correctly.

A couple of days later Jack, Ethan and Lorcan are left in the Chase alone, John is spending a lot of time with Fury (being ‘trained’), and now has a job as a bouncer at the Bleeding Horse. Sinead is out of town at the moment, and Jack is more withdrawn than usual. The withdrawal is also at an all time high, and has got worse since she left. Lorcan and Ethan now realise just how close the two have got.

Then they hear a crash upstairs from Jack’s room, and the two rush up, finding Jack shivering violently on the floor next to his chair. His knuckles are visibly growing hair, and his incisors are lengthing. Ethan yells at him, picking him up, that’s Jack’s got to regain control – or they’ll have to.

“Make me.” Snarls Jack, as his pupils dilate and his shifts into Dalu. Jack then attacks, and his two packmates fight to subdue the raging Wolf-Blooded into the ground, using their belts to hold his limbs. The three regain their breaths, sitting in corners of the room, Jack staring into the ground.

Several weeks later Ethan is enjoying their newly installed, patchwork shower. It’s good to be clean again, and the money they ‘earned’ paid its way for new clothes too!

His shower scene is interrupted by a small owl spirit. It tilts it head at him, and in a perfect facsimile of Old Bone’s voice.

“Don’t go near the water. If you go into the water, you’re dead.” And the spirit discorporates, leaving a startled Ethan.

And who says I don’t do fan service. Well, no-one. But at the end of an actual play I’m in a weird mood.

So that quickly turned into a vaguely proper actual play. Weird. Hope you enjoyed the delayed update! This week we actually get to play again! Expect another new session soon!



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