Fire and Brine

Story One - A Place Called Home - Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Welcome back, again! It was a short session this time, as well as only having two players (exam and holiday seasons are a DM’s bane). It’s a less high octane one than the previous two sessions, and see’s Lorcan, Ethan and Jack burn off some steam.


The Bleeding Hunters are assembled at the side of the River Liffey, in the city of Dublin in the late morning. The storm, so advertised in the news for the past, has finally hit in full fury. As they wonder at the newly healed wounds of Ethan and Lorcan, John gets a phone call – it’s from a Storm Lord Rahu who oversaw his induction – “”/characters/ocean-s-fury" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ocean’s Fury".

The Storm Lord Gathering is up, and John is expected to turn up. He gives his apologies and runs off into the storm, eastward. Lorcan and Ethan head back to the Chase, expecting some… Disbelief on Sinead’s part.

There is.

“But… But you were full of holes Lorcan.” Sinead is standing in the middle of the Chase, pointing a trembling finger at Lorcan.

Lorcan tries to calm her down, “Look I know this is impossible – but then again you just saw me not die. This is weird, and I wish I could explain but right now I can’t.”

Sinead stares him at him for a moment and breathes out. “Lorcan, this is getting messed up – but alright. I gotta go…. Fuck I don’t know.” And she leaves the Chase, into the storm.

There is a pause in the building, and Jack disappears downstairs, leaving Lorcan and Ethan to their plans.

Lorcan, having just realised how dangerous his new life is, he plans to draw up a will. First he’s going to need to find a lawyer however, and Lorcan heads out into the storm to find one. The thing is, the massive storm has closed up much of the streets, he finds a solicitors (Bodkin, Bodkin and Fitzgeralds) – which looks decent (from both sides of the Gauntlet), and Lorcan makes a note to return once the weather subsides.

He trudges back to Woad Warriors, and does his best to weather proof the basement, hoping that it won’t flood. As he finishes he decides to repair the damage to his tattoos, who didn’t survive their encounter with the Schmidt brothers.

Meanwhile for the hours that Lorcan is out Ethan collapses in a heap – exhausted by what he’s been through.

Lorcan, once finished, heads back to the Chase, and as he gets through the front door his heightened senses pick the sounds of gunshots over the roar of the storm, coming from the basement. Rushing down he finds Jack, and Ethan, shooting at the leftovers of the construction dumped in the basement. To the side of them is a table of guns, including the automatic and a couple of shotguns. Both Ethan and Jack are not the most amazing shots.

“What the hell are you doing?” Lorcan asks.

Jack explains, as Ethan moves over in the background to pick up, and handle, a shotgun.

“Well, we were pretty shit shots last night, this is to, you know. Practise?”

There’s a pause, and Lorcan shrugs – “why not?” The three of them spend some time practising, with Jack visibly improving.

After a while spent shooting at targets, the three take a break – it’s one hell of a way to spend a Friday night. Flushed with their team building exercise Lorcan and Ethan decide to hunt, they’re low on essence, and there should be plenty of spirits out in the storm. Jack leaves them to it, he’s not much help there and besides, he hasn’t tried out the automatic yet.

As the sound of a “oh fuck!” and the firing of the automatic leave them, Lorcan and Ethan head out into the early evening storm – towards the loci guarded by Forgotten Remembrance.

At the grove Remembrance is dormant, bunkering down as the storm of elemental spirits wash over the spiritscape of Dublin. Settling down, they enact the Rite of Siskur Dar, painting the image of a storm in blood from a claw wound onto Lorcan’s face and ‘painting’ the blood from Lorcan’s eyes, nose and ears – representing the Bleeding Horse.

As they chase around the area, their movements become more in time with the beat of the storm as the two drop further and further into the movements of the Hunt. As lightning strikes the two find themselves standing in the grove. Panting, with an urge to chase the storm.

In game terms they just hit an exceptional success, and are now hunting a storm spirit. Ethan now counts as Rank 3 thanks to the rite, has new swanky Moon Gift bonuses. He’s feeling pretty badass.

The enter Reach over, pressing though the Gauntlet (and seeing those shapes just out of reach) they step into the spirit storm. Ethan’s new Renown marks burn blue light into the grove, burning larger than Lorcans. Lorcan looks impressed.

Ethan has more Renown, he also counts as one higher spirit rank at the moment. Like I said, bad ass.

The two walk out onto the street filled with storm spirits swirling around, and spy a large spirit, a mass of rain, wind and debris the spirit’s corpus has dragged up.

“That one,” says Ethan and the hunt is one.

The spirit is quick, and nearly outruns the pair – but Lorcan, in Urshul brings the prey down and tears out a large chunk of the spirits wet, debris ridden corpus. The spirit screeches, ringing Lorcan’s ears as Ethan chases up behind them. As Ethan arrives the spirit, still struggling, blasts Lorcan with sharp debris but only glances him. As Ethan bounds in in Urshul he rakes the large spirit with his claws – claws which tear through the corpus as Ethan’s rank outweighs the storm spirits’.

At this, the spirit capitulates and the two consume the ritually agreed essence and the Hunt is complete.

And that’s it! We leave the two totally succeeding at about everything in that hunt. Thanks to various conditions they hit exceptional successes on three successes, and every time they do they gain a beat…

Aaaaaand they got a load of essence. I have a feeling that the Siskur Dar might become more often! Anyways, now I’m back to being up to date with game write ups. See you next time, and thanks for reading.



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