Fire and Brine

Story One - A Place Called Home - Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

Welcome back reader! The last session of the Story, it was a short session anyways because of the room we game in, and was effectively a big ol’ combat in grand werewolf tradition. So sit back and enjoy the pack colossally lose control of the situation.

The Bleeding Hunters stand outside the ruined church, where the Angel of the Immaculate Court sent them, joined by the eight members of Storm Lords. The sotrm hitting Dublin howls over head as the group begin to plan ahead.

Inside the ruined church ahead of them is the Cult of the Shining One, a spirit of faith brought into the world by Ethan’s old clique of occultists, a birth resulting in 22 Killeen Road. Additionally, the pack have good reason to believe that Jackie is in there, last seen running away from Ethan in the throes of a (receptive) Lunacy.

Winds Whisper, an old Storm Lord, asks the pack what the plan is. Ethan and Lorcan decide that the more experienced Storm Lords should kick the front door down, with the Storm Lord assassin Night’s Silence going around the back with Lorcan. The pack suggest that after they follow, one of their number will use All Doors Locked to keep anyone leaving the premises. Jack is told to wait outside, the pack not wanting to drive their wolf-blooded completely unstable within a week.

Winds Whisper agrees and goes to the Storm Lords to tell of the plan. Thunder’s Roar, a load brash man grins in the storm, and the Forsaken assemble at the church, with Roar kicing the front door down and the werewolves pile into the church, meanwhile Silence and Lorcan slip in through the back door, and Ethan locks the doors in the church.

As Ethan and John step into the church they see Roar backhand, in Dalu, a human in robes drawing a gun in a spray of blood, a crowd of about twenty to thirty humans and definitely not humans assembled, a heirophant figure behind an altar with a staff, and in front of the altar a woman tied to a chair – backlit by a sick red glow. Time seems to slow down as the group enter the fight.

Behind the church, Silence and Lorcan slip into what looks to be the Heirophant’s office, just as the sound of a massive fight begins in the main chamber beyond one of the doors. Silence, in Urhan form nods towards the other door in the office, and Lorcan begins to open the door, to whatever lies beyond.

In the main chamber, the Heirophant screams, “the Wolves at the Door have come, defend your god in the throes of Apotheosis!”. As the Storm Lords wade into the cult, focussing on the hulking forms of the Claimed John joins them, fire-axe flashing and Ethan lines up a shot with his shotgun at the Heirophant. He pulls the trigger.

And misses.

His wolf senses almost track the shot as it arcs across the church and hits Jackie, tied to the chair. The light, and figure projected behind her, screams as she hits the floor in a bundle and the air changes as something in the church begins to manifest.

Behind the ruckuss in the main chamber, Lorcan leaves Silence staring at the door to the fight almost read to pounce. In the room behind the door he just opened is a small shrine, covered in lit candles with the heady scent of oils and unguents heavy in the air. There is another scent, the scent of a werewolf.

The main chamber is host to a sickening pop as the Shining One enters the Flesh, it is an androgynous tall figure, with that pale red light now emanating from it, it wears a blackened crown of thorns that casts distressing shadows on the walls. There is the unmistakable scent of the Wound about it. It is a Wounded Spirit.

Narrowing his eyes, Ethan slips into Gauru form, it’s time for some payback.

Meanwhile behind the altar, the Heirophant’s eye widen at the sight of the werewolf in full Gauru form, with the cultists going wild, and with all the entrances blocked they can only fight. The Heirophant brings out a revolver and aims at Ethan. Behind him a figure throws off their robes, it is a woman in Dalu form, who starts to make a gesture with her claws and spits out in First Tongue, “Burn With Us”. She activates her essence and gestures to the candles in the room, which flare and jump to anything flammable.

The church starts to burn.

Lorcan opens the door to the main chamber, and sees the choas in front of him, he draws his sword in Dalu and charges the back of an unsuspecting Claimed, running it through.

Ethan walking through the cultists, when the Heirophant fires, and the acrid taste of silver is in the air as it punches through Ethan, burning as it goes. Already on the throes of full rage Ethan falls into Basu-Im, everything but the Heirophant falls out of focus and the wolf-monster in the church roars it’s challenge.

The Heirophant decides to leg it.

The Shining One whispers, “Time for my Host…” and reaches, and picks up Jackie with a sickening hand. Lorcan, pulling his sword out of the Claimed charges at the pair, he’s got no chance with the god, but if he can take Jackie out, well then no host.

Yeah, I was surprised too.

As he charges, the Fire Touched throws a globe down onto the floor, as it smashes, a scented petroleum smell joins the smells of smoke and blood. The resonance of the room changes, fire is now master here, and the flames already licking the sides of the room roar higher. Her job done, the Fire Touch runs for the back door – and finds it locked.

As his sword cuts Jackie down it slices into the corpus of the Shining One, and the thing recoils, thwarted again. John spies the combat ad shifts into Gauru and launches into the distracted back of the Shining One, tearing great chunks out with his claws.

Meanwhile Ethan catches the Heirophant, hamstringing his and bringing the prey closer to his maw. His growls, his form almost smiling in anger and bites the cultists neck out.

As the flames lick closer to the ceiling parts of the building fall out, and what remains of the cultists start throwing themselves out of the glass windows in terror into the night. The sound of Jack’s gun goes off in the distance.

The Storm Lords, seeing the state of the church start to leave, trying to get rid of as many cultists as possible, with Cliff joining the combat with the Shining One, trying to hold the god down. As he does, the Raging form of Ethan spits out the Heirophant and launches at the Shining One, and Lorcan joins his pack mates in Gauru.

As Cliff tries to hold the spirit down, the Shining One burns his hands terribly and the implacable warriors grunts in pain as his flesh whithers away. Whilst the spirit cackles in the pain it causes the pack tear at the spirit, bite and consume it’s corpus, weakening it. Around the group, the building collapses.

Realising the danger, Lorcan shifts down and picks up the bleeding form of Jacke, dangerously close the fires and runs out of the church into the storm.

The spirit breaks the grasp of Cliff, throwing him through the front doors of the church, out of the fight. But it is weakened, and John and Ethan tear the thing apart. It’s corpus bursts in wet light as it screams in pain and it is discorporated. John stumbles out of the church, and Ethan roars his triumph, before charging of into the storm – leaving the church to collapse in the storm.

And that is the end of Story One, with the ‘death’ of the Wounded Spirit, the Shining One. Jackie, she might live.

As the first story goes, it’s been a pleasure – I’ve had fun in the awesome that is the setting of Werewolf, and I think the players have too! We have a couple of weeks were players aren’t around, so next week will be the last game for a couple of weeks. The next session will be a a collection of scenes set in-between Story One and Two, What I Have Done.

_ I haven’t done a game session like tht before, so it’ll be an interesting experiment. As always I look forward to sharing it._

As musing for Story Two, the theme is consequences. You know all those loose ties and missing people from Story One? It’s time for the pack to face those. It’s also the time to start meeting other werewolves, and possibly joining Lodges, if they’re interested.



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