Welcome to Fire and Brine

It is a World of Darkness Chronicle based in Dublin, and follows a pack of newly changed Werewolves as they adjust to their new life and condition.

For a quick description of Werewolf the Forsaken please read the Werewolf the Forsaken Primer.

The Pack

Werewolf Members

Ethan Kane – A charismatic mystic.
John O’Mahly – The eager young pup.
Lorcan McCabe/Painted Wolf – The Celtic tattoo artist.
Fitz – The occult shadow.


Jack – The Lost Scion.
Jackie Malone – The touched occultist.

Ex Pack Members

Rutger van der Lubbe (“Blue”) – The athletic paramedic.
Liam Roper – The investigative Gardai.

The Chronicle

Story One – A Place Called Home
The first Story deals with the new pack forming, them exploring their new territory. They come across a suspicious new drug on the streets called Black Veins, victims of this drug report seeing out-of-this-world creatures and a world beyond the Flesh, and their dead bodies have a habit of coming back. The new pack, the Bleeding Hunters, hunt the source of this drug to a cult worshipping a Wounded Spirit and they kill the cult and the spirit – but severely wound a woman called Jackie Malone in the process.

Story Two – What I’ve Done
The second Story deal with the consequences of the pack’s actions. For most of the Story Jackie is safe in the nearby hospital, St James, in a coma after the Wounded Spirit from Story One tried to possess her and Lorcan’s attempt at stopping this. Jackie is overlooked by Bleed Horse, the pack’s totem, with ghostly appetites.

Meanwhile Ethan starts to sort out his life out, which requires getting hold of his father’s will – which is currently under Gardai custody as it was found at the sight of the Wound Ethan may or may not have caused. This brings the pack into conflict with Detective Byrne, and into contact with Liam Roper.

They also start to hunt down Old Bones, who is missing. They’re led to the remains of Old Bones’ den which has been trashed, leaving a strange but familiar briney smell behind. They find a map with several locations, where Bones was appearing to investigate the appearance of the Drowned.

One top of everything, the spirit of Dublin The Liffey, tasks the pack with forming a Protectorate within Dublin, cashing in their debt to her for saving Lorcan’s life. Additionally there seems to be strange fire-light on the Wicklow Mountains to the south-west of Dublin. The story culminates in a Bone Shadow meeting, and then a meeting between all packs of Dublin (where the Dockland Wolves refuse to turn up, fracturing the pack) agreeing to start to work together against the Pure.

And the Fire Touched attack.

Story Three – The Fires of Dublin
The third Story deals with a relatively short amount of time, where the Pure outside Dublin invade for unknown reasons. A powerful Anshega unleashes a cataclysmic wave of fire essence across the city, starting fires everywhere. In the middle of Dublin burning, the pack must save what they think if precious, and let burn what they can’t save.

Fire and Brine

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