The Residents


A pack based around Trinity College, they are tired experts of the byzantine laws of the spirit world, and have several Bone Shadow members. They have a few Iron Master members, including one Rahu who see her duty as protecting the various stripes of students who pass through her halls. One Hunter is in their pack, an Irraka, he is a nominal security guard with an eye out for the odd Beshilu or Azlu infestation.

Mortal members include a couple of guards, the odd student and a couple of staff ‘in the know’. Their pack Totem is a spirit of Learning, who manifests as the dust in light-rays found in libraries.

They are led by an eccentric Elodoth Bone Shadow, who is known for his links to the knowledge courts of the spirit world.

The Residents and the Cobblestones share a tight alliance, with many of their members making a habit of hunting spirits arising from the various conflicts and insults of the city’s history.


“Who Smiles At Court” (Elodoth Bone Shadow) – The leader of the pack, a respected Bone Shadow known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the various Courts in the city. Has long tried to gain entry into the Court of the Liffey.

“Who Kills Gods” (Rahu Bone Shadow) – The unspoken threat to the pack leader’s negotiations to the spirits that crop up from the city’s deep history. This Rahu is more spirit than man, and is a famed spirit killer.

“Eleven” (Cahalith Iron Master) – A relatively young member of the pack, an ex-student who was picked up by the Rahu Iron Master. She is the link to the student body for the pack, and member of a small band who plays in Dublin. She specialises in Hunting students who get too close to the truth.

“Looming Wall” (Rahu Iron Master) – The Defender of the pack, and an ex-security guard. She tries to make sure the older than usually found spirits in the college by ‘encouraging’ the students to keep on moving onto their next lecture.

“Watching the Depths” (Irraka Hunter in Darkness) – The heart of the territory. Trinity has a particular problem about Hosts; the teeming masses found in the college, the quiet corners and the high-footfall mean the Shartha have the perfect feeding grounds. The Irraka’s life is, therefore, one of pre-empting the moves of these Hosts and finding the next nest.

Wolf-Blooded from a family off mediums, and is touched by Death Wolf’s Court. She is a distant relative of the Rahu Bone Shadow.

Two security guards follow the often strange orders from the Rahu Iron Master.

A faculty member from the History Department is a ‘friend’ of the Rahu Bone Shadow.

The Cahalith Iron Master has a couple of students that keep an eye out and help every now and again.

The Residents

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