The Last Line


The most isolationist of the packs in Dublin, they are constantly busy with the Pure at the city limits who seek to take back Phoenix Park from the pack.

They are mostly drawn from Blood Talons and Hunters in Darkness. They are led by a warband-leader in the form of a Rahu Blood Talon, whose second in command is a Cahalith Storm Lord. The Irraka Blood Talon is an infamous killer of Uratha. The two Hunters in the pack, one Rahu and one Ithaeur are the most aggressive and constantly are pushing to maintain the territory’s boundaries.

They have no mortal packmates, who will only slow them down.

Their totem is Shrike, an avian spirit of vengeance.


‘Warlord’ (Rahu Blood Talon) – The alpha of the pack, modelling the pack as a sort of warband, he remembers well the last Pure incursion.

‘Murder’ (Irraka Blood Talon) – The member of the pack most other Forskaen think of when the Line is mentioned. Is uncomfortably known as a killer of werewolves (which she is). The fact that she sometimes carries a silver knife doesn’t help.

‘Terror’ (Cahalith Blood Talon) – The nightmare of the pack, who harries the prey until they are exhausted by terror, a considerable Warhound.

’Memory’s Howl’ (Cahalith Storm Lord) – Is a lore-keeper of the pack, and of Dublin in general. She is a member of a Lodge of Cahalith who seek to preserve Uratha past.

‘Thorned Path’ – (Itheaur Hunters in Darkness) – The spirit master of the pack, and a leader in their rituals. Has a special affinity for nature spirits and seeking vengeance for transgressions in the Line’s territory.

‘Holy’ (Rahu Hunters in Darkness) – An almost religious Forsaken, there is nothing but the Hunt, the Oath, Territory and the Duty. Is rarely seen outside the Stand’s territory, and is widely acknowledged for his Purity.

The Last Line

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