The Hunting Ground

The pack claim the rough area of of the Rathmines suburb , just south of Dublin City Centre across the Grand Canal.

Located near the centre is a flat building project (The Chase)that was abandoned in the bust, half finished. The structure is there, but the insides are bare and the windows boarded up. The structure tends to attract squatters, like Jack, and the odd kid egged on by their mates by a dare.

It has a thriving and busy community, and several places of interest.

The Cathal Brugha barracks is a famous landmark of the area, home to several units of the Irish Army. The place is extremely secure, and the Shadow likewise. A small Court around military resonance is centred there, they are territorial, though aggressive.

There are several Churches in the area, the most recognised are the Mary Immaculate, Refuge of Sinners Church (Catholic) whose dome is a small, but hard to access loci, and the Holy Trinity Church (Church of Ireland).

The Grand Canal to the top of Rathmines is it’s northern border, both physically and spiritually, with several considerable water spirits claiming ownership. Its waters range from the Liffey to the east and the Shannon to the west and carry that journey’s length of resonance. The two bridges that span it from Rathmines are known for two location spirits, of Boundaries and Bridges. The spirit of Portobello Bridge has been heavily moulded by the local legends of horse accident on one of the bridges, giving the spirit it’s appearance of a Bleeding Horse.

There are nightlife locations in the area, with the old Bleeding Horse pub, and the Old Curio. Several clubs are located in the territory, including a meso-american theme place. These places are a maelstrom of gluttony and addiction essence on a busy night with the occasional Urged cropping up as a mortal is driven to higher and higher states of excess.

A local landmark to the south-west is the Harold’s Cross Greyhound Stadium, with the turn of the millennium it has tried to present a new friendlier face, and is mostly successful. Corruption and vice still lurk below the surface, with the races tightly under the control of one man. One man who is not going to let this tidy business be taking from him. Found in the Shadow here are multitudes of thrill, racing, hound and excess spirits. Lurking in the corners and shadows are violence and murder spirits waiting on the next opportunity for a hit of essence.

To the west, and not technically within the bounds of Rathmines, is Mount Jerome Cemetery, a well known large Gothic cemetery. A sizeable spirit Court has grown here, with the spirit of the graveyard holding dominion over it. Famous for the lines in Ulysses this has coloured the Shadow here, with the landscape stretching out in monotone and earth churning underneath.

During the economic bust it has faded, with empty shops, houses and building projects (like The Chase) increasingly laying empty. Crime is hidden away from prying eyes, though it is there hidden but universally recognised.

Recently there was a mass murder that has thrown a pall over the district. One house had a group of people all brutally murdered. The papers are calling it a “cult killing”, with rumours being that they haven’t found all the body parts yet. The house is currently under Garda lockdown, and the Shadow reels from the atrocity committed there. The Gauntlet is thin, and people passing the house note that the place seems to be lit from inside by a hellish glow, and strange shapes can be seen in it’s windows.

The Hunting Ground

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