The Hounds of the Elements


An older pack (the oldest, in fact) in Dublin, who claim a wide area north of the city, that includes the coastline. The pack is mostly Storm Lord and Bone Shadow, and are incredibly potent. They will dominate any Uratha political landscape in the city.

Many of their members are part of wide-spanning Lodges that claim membership within certain Tribes. As a result, they are respected and can count on a certain amount of outside support if they so wished.

They dislike Old Bones, who never picked up a pack after the last incursion.

The Last Storm is their Totem, and old spirit of Storms.

Their mortal pack members tend to be people thinking they’ve join a group of neo-pagans, or a cult. The pack has several Wolf-Blooded, all of whom are part of old Irish Wolf-Blooded families.


“She Who Sings of the Dead” (Cahalith Bone Shadow) – The alpha of the pack (they’re traditionalists), an elder of the Bone Shadows, and an expert in the dead. An old member of the Lodge of Death, she has ties with Haunter from the Bogeymen.

‘Who Dwells in Caves’ (Irraka Bone Shadow) – An expert in elemental spirits, and the hiding places along the coast in the water. Tends to wander the territory more than most. Is the day-to-day tender of their mortal pack mates.

’Night’s Silence’ (Irraka Storm Lord) – is the Assassin of the pack, and tends to shoulder the burden of killing, a lot of the time.

?? (Elodoth Storm Lord) – A newly changed Garda who was brought under the pack, hasn’t official joined yet.

’Cliff’s Yield’ (Rahu Storm Lord) – The warrior of the pack, a walking cliff face. He weathers the enemies of the pack, and then hits back.

The Hounds of the Elements

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