The Hosts

The two most common Hosts plague Dublin as much as you’d expect, and there aren’t any other known Shartha in Dublin.

The Beshilu have been strong here for years, the religious turmoil on the island provides a strong cover for the Rat Hosts’ movements. The ravages of plague and famine on the isle also saw booms in the Beshilu’s population. Currently they are present within the city, and can normally be found in the decaying buildings and forgotten corners of various residential districts.

The Azlu have less influence on the isle, and are constantly competing with the Rat Hosts for space. They tend to congregate in social society and the city itself, weaving connections between the few, but powerful. In Ireland particularly, the Spider Hosts are known for a peculiar tendency in developing prophetic powers and curses. These are definitely scions of the Hag part of the Spinner Hag’s tale.

Recently the Pack have encountered a strange, Host-like fungal growth in the bottom of the abandoned St Mary’s School. A group were using it to create drugs that could make the user see across the Gauntlet. The problem was, the user tended to die from the ‘Black Veins’ side affect of the drug.

At the moment, the growth is sitting in the basement, waiting.

The Hosts

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