The Dockland Wolves


A pack of mostly Storm Lords and Iron Masters in the Docklands. They are made up of former members of the various trades that are attracted to such a place.

They make a living from skimming funds off the stuff that comes through the docklands. Their totem is a spirit Commerce, a large mechanic man made of girders and bleeding money.

They are led by a Rahu Iron Master called Jack, “Steel Eyes”. A violent though man with no patience with idiots and new cubs. He respects power, but is a hard man like. Gain his respect though, and you have a hard and fast ally.

The newest member is an Irraka Hunters in Darkness called Darragh. He is finding that his pack have let the Azlu problem grow out of hand, and is finding his new life extremely busy. He recently gained Renown for finding a newly Changed werewolf, Lorcan McCabe.

Pack Members

Jack “Steel Eyes” (Rahu Iron Master) – The alpha of the pack. He’s violent and has very little patience, and respects power. He dominates the landscape around the docks, with everyone owing him favours and nothing happening there without his knowledge. He’s a bastard.

Nuts and Bolts (Itheaur Iron Master) A strange Urban Shaman, that powers a lot of the pack’s more esoteric rites. An expert in the complex ties that bind the Shadow of the docks together, and of City spirits in general.

Twoface (Elodoth Iron Master) – The ‘face’ that the group presents to the mortal population of the docks. A former dock foreman, Twoface (a nickname the Herd of the docks gave him of which he has appropriated proudly) deals with the more inquisitive members of the Herd. He is utterly ruthless in his dealings, and in a former life missed his true calling of a politician, or a lawyer. Or an estate agent.

Thunder’s Roar (Cahalith Storm Lord) – The ‘warhound’ of the pack, who experienced his First Change nearly a decade ago. He gained his deed name by fighting a rampaging storm spirit a few years back and literally shouting it back into the sea. Is headstrong, and prefers to bash the problem, he’s part of the right pack.

Ocean’s Fury (Rahu Storm Lord) – An older member of the Storm Lords, and is about as old and experienced as Steel Eyes. She is aware of his failings, but respects him nevertheless. She focusses on the neighbouring sea, and is a member of a strange ocean going Lodge.

Darragh (Irraka Hunter in Darkness) – Newest member of the pack.

The Dockland Wolves

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