The Cobblestones


The pack that has the delight of Temple Bar as a territory. Temple Bar in the flesh is a noisy, chaotic and vibrant part of the city, the Shadow is that with the numerous layers of the ages on top of that. The pack’s territory has the largest amount of interstitial terrain in the city.

As well as being led by a Ithaeur, the other Bone Shadow is an Irraka and is well known for her knowledge of the strange terrain of the place. The pack also includes an Elodoth Iron Master, the ‘face’ of the pack, he is normally seen in the various dives of the area, keeping an eagle eye out.

Their mortal members are a mix of locals, proprietors and Garda who make the place their beat. They have a Wolf-Blooded bouncer in their ranks who acts as the ‘soft’ muscle for the pack.

Their spirit is ’the Cobbled Path, a spirit of history and architecture.


‘Dwells in Between’ (Irraka Bone Shadow) – The alpha, and an expert on the topography of the Hisil. A bit alien in his thinking.

‘One Who Binds’ (Itheaur Bone Shadow) – A feared Spirit Binder, and renowned fetish maker. Usually does this against spirits who cross the Forsaken. Is the one who maintains the bindings of some of the larger spirits who dwell in Dublin.

‘New Face’ (Elodoth Iron Master) – The Chameleon on the pack, who keeps an eye on the humans, mostly tourists, who walk through Temple Bar, fond of a drink.

‘Remembers’ (Cahalith Iron Master) – An expert on the human history, with a specialisation in human cults. Is interested in the effect of human belief on the Shadow.

‘From Above’ (Irraka Hunter in Darkness) – A Parkour expert, who hunts mostly on the rooftops in Dublin City. Is part of a weird Lodge of hunters from above.

The Cobblestones

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