The Bogeymen


This is a pack based out to the east of the city, and of the Bleeding Hunter’s hunting grounds. They are a relatively youngish pack of mainly Blood Talons and Hunters in Darkness. They have quite a morbid reputation, and their territory is noted for it’s oppressive, controlled atmosphere.

The pack has a small number of mortal members, who are mostly informants to the pack, who have set themselves up as the de facto criminal presence in the area. They specialise in terrifying the shit out of those who violate their territory, and have a small spirit of fear as their totem.

The pack is rumoured to hold members of a secretive Irish Lodge based on scaring humans from their Sacred Places, using urban legends to fuel their victims’ imaginations.


‘Gumshoe’ (Elodoth Hunter in Darkness) – The nominal head of the pack, a clear headed investigator (was a journalist in a previous life), who leads the first part of the Hunt, finding out what to hunt.

‘Final Night’ (Rahu Hunter in Darkness) – Usually the last thing the pack’s foes sees, if the target of a Hunt needs to die. Is a fervent follower of Purity, an terrifying thanks to his Lodge benefits.

‘Nightmare’ (Cahalith Hunter in Darkness) – She specialises in haunting the dreams of those they hunt, and causing the violator to be worn out before the Hunt has begun.

‘He Who Haunts’ (Cahalith Bone Shadow) – An urban legend and ghost expert, he specialises in moving anchors of ghosts into the way of those who have crossed the pack to distract them.

‘Ambush’ (Irraka Blood Talon) – Once the pack runs the prey into the ground, the Hunted realises that Ambush was waiting there all along.

‘Backup’ (Itheaur Blood Talon) – so called because of the ties he has with the local spirit landscape, and is able to provide more spiritual heavy to a fight if needed.

The Bogeymen

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