That Which Came Before

The Werewolves of Ireland

The traditional city/wilderness divide of Forsaken and Pure hasn’t existed in Ireland, not having the large cities other locales have seen. Instead the People have been traditionally been aligned to family groups and Kingdoms. The exact details of these groups are lost to the Cahalith in general, but they know that both the Pure and the Forsaken have dwelt on Ireland for as long as the Tribes have been here.

The coming of visitors overseas introduced new members of the Tribes, noticeably the Northmen, and then invaders from Britain. Commonly the tensions arose, not from Pure versus the Forsaken, but from the invaders and native People.

By the time of the 19th Century, the People were split between several lines of loyalty and more fractious than helpful to one another. It is no wonder that the Famine wreaked some much damage amongst the People. As the Shadow erupted with reflections the damage being wrought, and the largest Wounds ever seen opened up onto the land, the People found themselves completely out-matched and unable to deal with the scale of damage. Some packs, noticeably amongst the Fire Touched attempted to use the chaos to further their own goals, but found the powers they dealt with were far more powerful and capricious than they had planned. On top of this, the Asar Gader leapt out of the shadows, taking advantage of the havoc.

In the end, amongst the ruin a new Lodge was formed across the Tribes of the Moon (and it is rumoured amongst the Pure) that bound the Tribes together to control the damage. They quickly became experts on the spirits of disease, death, hunger, the Beshilu and Wounded spirits that had erupted across the Isle. The Lodge of the Empty Bowl would continue well into the 20th Century, tending the wards of the bound spirits they could not kill. With the turn of the millennium the Lodge’s membership hasn’t grown and the eldest of the members have either died or gone into the Deep Sleep, and the Lodge is in danger of fading into the songs of the Cahalith.

The Werewolves of Dublin

The history of Dublin is long, and the Cahalith commonly tell stories of early Northmen _Uratha__ in the area, constantly under attack from the native Uratha that came from the island. It’s not sure who were the first packs that hunted in the town, but there is evidence of ancient rites and battlegrounds in the scars of the Shadow.

The People have stood on the sidelines of the human conflicts (though some have been dragged into these by links to their mortal lives), but have had to deal with the consequences of such conflict. The scars on the land is deep, and several old spirits have been bound into the earth after being born from these conflicts. The Great Famine bore great spirits feeding off the hunger, plague and despair of that time, and the Civil War produced others, with the shadow of the General Post Office never recovering.

Whilst the Troubles didn’t affect Dublin as much as the north of the island, there were still violent episodes within the city, breeding more turmoil in the spirit. Whilst these times are behind the packs of Dublin, the aftershocks can sometimes still be felt, the spirit ultimately remembers these acts for a long time and it doesn’t take a lot to reopen the old Wounds.

About a decade ago, was the Incursion. This was an attack by several large Pure packs and their spirit allies led by an ancient Predator King, Howls at the Weak. The war almost destroyed the city in the silent Shadow of the city. It was through great sacrifice that the Pure was stopped, though the Forsaken were a shadow of their former selves. The Forsaken survivors split into new packs, that have now bolstered in numbers with new People, but the memories of that night still shake the survivors.

That Which Came Before

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