The others, the true Scions of Father Wolf. Those that remained Pure.

Those who will murder the Forsaken.

The Pure, the Anshega, are the constant threat for the Forsaken packs in Dublin. The immediacy of this threat largely relies on how close a pack claims territory to the edges of Dublin. The scattered nature of the packs in Dublin means that the Pure can make deep forays into the city occasionally, with the last attempt leading to the disbandment of several packs. But that was several years ago and the Pure seem quite content in holding the Forsaken in a death-grip.

They lurk out in the ‘Pale’ outside of Dublin, and mostly consist of the rabid Fire Touched who commonly use the religious lines in the country for their own ends. You can occasionally see the odd pyre on the edges of town, these are the pack rites of the Fire Touched. They have a small army of mortal members, most of whom are totally ignorant to what their masters are.

The Predator Kings are out there, somewhere. They are rarely seen, and no one has seen them in human form for decades. The last verified sight was the last Incursion, but they are there. You can hear them some nights in the Shadow howling their threats from the mountains.

The Ivory Claws are strangely removed from the rest of the Pure and keep relative close ties with the Fosaken, though they act through mortal intermediates. They consist of one pack, all from one old bloodline. They keep themselves to themselves usually, apart from when they get the scent of a new forgotten member of the family. When this happens they’re reach is unlimited till they find the lost member.

Notable Members


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