Lodge of the Empty Bowl


An Irish Lodge that emerged from the spiritual consequences surrounding the Irish Famine in the 19th Century. A multi-Tribal Lodge, it sought to unite the scattered packs of Ireland in order to bring enough support to be able to solve the issues erupting from the Shadow. It was, ultimately marginally successful. Members pride themselves that it could have been so much worse (though naturally they don’t know that for certain), but the Lodge is widely respected for their actions, not least actually uniting the majority of the packs together for the first, and last, time in Irish history. Their membership has been waning steadily through the 20th Century as the worst of the damage has been contained and destroyed. The Lodge is in difficulty if it can’t figure out a way to become relevant, and it doesn’t help that their mysterious Patron is nowhere to be found.

In Dublin

The Lodge is just one member in the city, One Who Binds is an experienced Bone Shadow coming from a line of members of the Lodge who tends alone to the old bindings of slumbering famine and plague spirits. Aware of his age, he is looking for new members.

Membership and Benefits

The Lodge, nowadays, can’t afford to be too picky about their members. However, One Who Binds looks out for Uratha with a respect for history and it’s effects on the Shadow, as well as someone with a vision. The Lodge is aimless at the moment, and once he is gone Binds knows his replacement needs to drive the Lodge forward with new purpose.

The Lodge, in times past, had the respect of packs across Ireland, for their mediator roles, and the Lodge had an extensive knowledge on all-sorts of obscure Spirit knowledge, such as plague and famine spirits, Beshilu and Wounded Spirit.

Lodge of the Empty Bowl

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