The Liffey

The Spirit of Dublin


Possible the oldest spirit in the boundaries of Dublin that is active. Despite the multiple spirits Courts that exist in the city, all ultimately pay tribute to it’s Court of mainly water spirits, though spirits of commerce, travel and significantly life can be found in her Court.

Her Court is hard to find and enter, the entrance is found in the Castle Gardens behind Dublin Castle on the site of the old tidal pool of the River Poddle. In the Shadow, the snakes built into the garden are real, writhing in strange loops on the group. It is said their are the guardians to the Court of the River, an underground grotto ruled over by this oft distant patron of the City.

There are several legends attached to the spirit, to which the Cahalith of the city like to recall in gatherings. The Itheaur just smile into their drinks, recognising the oldest Bans in the area.

The Liffey

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