Lorcan McCabe/Painted Wolf

Celtic Tattoo Artist


Name: Lorcan McCabe
Concept: CelticTattoo Artist
Blood: Challenger
Bone: Lone Wolf
Auspice: Gibbous Moon
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness

Get revenge on the Docklands pack alpha
Create a Fetish
Convince the pack to get a pack tattoo

Intelligence: 2 Strength: 4 Presence: 4
Wits: 2 Dexterity: 2 Manipulation: 1
Resolve: 2 Stamina: 2 Composure: 2

Academics 1 (celtic), Computer, Crafts 3 (tattoo), Investigation, Medicine, Occult 1, Politics, Science,
Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Drive, Firearms, Larceny, Stealth, Survival 1, Weaponry 2 (swords)
Animal Ken, Empathy 1, Expression 3, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 1, Socialise 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge

Staff 1
Language (Irish)
Area of Expertise (swords)
War Cry 2
Safe Place 1
Totem 2
Professional Training (tattoo artist)

Gibbous Moon 2
Nature – Black Earth, Red Hunger
Inspiration – Fearless Hunter
Knowledge – This Story is True

Fetish 4

Touchstones: Business Partner (flesh) Woad Warrior Tattoos was a mutual venture, Lorcan may have gotten most of his money from his inheritance but he got the rest of his money from his friend Warren Gibson, Buddy spirit (spirit) A particularly old spirit who remembers the days when Celtic warriors rode into battle on their chariots, this spirit has taken an interest in Lorcan and occasionally asks for favours from Lorcan promising him access to ancient rites.

Purity 1
Glory 2

Harmony: 7

Health: 7
Willpower: 4
Size: 5
Defence: 4
Initiative: 4
Speed: 11
Perception: 4

Notes: Has an Iron Master rival in the Docklands pack


Ever since he was a child Lorcan knew he wasn’t meant for this world. He always felt like he belonged some other place or some other time, the first time he saw Braveheart was an eye opener, this was swiftly followed by delving into Celtic mythology and history. His Aunt Niamh was a professor in this particular field and once he heard the stories of Cu Chulainn and Na Fianna and all ther other myths and legends. Lorcan was hooked. He wanted to be riding into battle on a chariot, sword held high, for his king or chieftain. Seemed so much simpler, it seemed right, it seemed to him that this was the way he wanted to live his life. However not only did she tell him about the mythology. She told him about the magic behind it and the different kinds that were supposed to exist.

His parents were excited to begin with, before then Lorcan had only been interested in doodling and wasn’t really academic, now he was excelling in Irish and History as well as art. However partly due to his Aunt’s influence part of just a general need to rebel Lorcan took it a step further. He started with Paganism, worshipping old Irish gods long forgotten and then there were drugs and tattoos and fights between them. Eventually it was just too much for his straight laced parents to handle and they kicked him out as soon as he finished his leaving cert.
A tough couple of years followed Lorcan until eventually it got worse. He’d been working in a tattoo parlour specializing in celtic designs when awoke one day to find that he’d inherited everything his family owned as his parents had died. A car accident. A quick and tragic death. Despite their differences and the anger it is Lorcan’s one true regret that he was never able to make it up with them. Lorcan was lost, he felt like he had to commemorate their death somehow, he decide to head to Dunrath dolmen for his own private funeral for them. It was late in the evening by the time he got their and there was a crowd of teenagers defacing the ancient site by the time he got there. The ignorant disrespect broke something inside him and from the grief and the regret came rage and bloodlust. The beast inside him announced itself in a bloody violent way. Lorcan awoke naked in the Wicklow Mountains wondering what in the name of Morrigan was going on.

He was quickly found by an Irraka from the Hunters in Darkness tribe by the name of Darragh, as Cahalith changes tend to be very loud events, and he explained what was going on and after a period of freaking out Lorcan eventually calmed down. Lorcan spent some time with Darragh’s pack and while it seemed as though the tribe was a good fit the pack wasn’t. The pack’s territory was the docklands and the alpha was an Iron Master called Jack with no patience for history was always looking forward and while Lorcan learned a great deal from that pack he ultimately ending in a fight between himself and the alpha both were in bad shape by the end but it was clear that Lorcan had lost. Evicted from the pack he has since collected his inheritance and used it to buy his own tattoo shop called Woad Warrior Tattoos and has been avoiding the docklands in case Jack wants to go for round two. Lorcan is still keeping his ear to the ground waiting for a more open-minded pack to form.

Deed name: Painted Wolf

Age: 28

Description: Tall and broad with pale skin and long red hair and a short beard and blue eyes. Ears pierced multiple times and multiple tattoos including a celtic tattoo sleeve on his right arm and various other tattoos over his body. Despite his appearance he is quite gentle and quiet unless provoked but at the same time when he speaks people listen. He sometimes doesn’t know his own strength and can be a little bit clumsy in his movements, a sword or needle in his hand however and he becomes an artist. In his wolf forms his red hair carries over but so too do his tattoos for they mean so much to him that they carry over to all his forms, earning him the deed name Painted Wolf.

Family: Dead Parents, no siblings and an Aunt Niamh whom he loves dearly. Other than that Lorcan has very little in the way of close family, his staff are like a second family whom he is quite protective of with Warren as kind of a brother.

Lorcan McCabe/Painted Wolf

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