Jackie Malone

College Occultist


Concept: Naive Cultist
Aspiration: Find out he’s a werewolf

Dice Pool:
Laying low: 4 dice
Occultism: 5 dice
Researching: 3

Willpower: 2


Jackie is a college student studying ancient history, though her driving obsession is of spiritual Cults, rituals and “calling of the other”. Falling more into the world of the occult, Jackie found herself in a group led by a charismatic modern mystic and one night they tried to summon something from the other side.

They were successful.

A group of twenty was scattered (she pretty sure most of them are dead) after something appeared in the room, and then the room exploded.

Keeping a low profile due to the news coverage on the house that ear twenty people were gruesomely murdered. She’s managed to get into contact with leader of their group, and she’s determined to find out some answers.

The thing is, she keeps getting texts from one of the girls she swear she saw lying in two pieces as she fled the room.

Jackie Malone

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