Fire and Brine

Story Two - What I've Done - Chapter One

Chapter One

Welcome back reader! This is the first chapter of the second Story in Fire and Brine – What I’ve Done. The theme (I’m aiming for) is consequences. A new player turns up! But before that we catch up to Lorcan and Ethan. With the strange message Ethan received, they decide to go to a nearby pack, The Bogeymen, who have a couple of Bone Shadow members to see if they know how to find him.

Ethan and Lorcan are in the Bogeymen’s territory, to the east of Dublin around Crumlin, the Shadow looms more so than usual. As they meet a Bogeyman, He Who Haunts, the threatening shadows loom across the Gauntlet.

Haunts is quite amused at Ethan, who claims membership with the Bone Shadows, despite not being known by anyone. Ethan is explaining how he became a Bone Shadow, being drawn into the Court of Death Wolf. For Haunts, a Cahalith, it’s a cool story.

If I haven’t alluded to this before apologies. For those that don’t know, Ethan has never been inducted into the Shadows by a Forsaken, instead being drawn in by the spirits that claim kinship with Kamduis-Ur. When we eventually have a Bone Shadows Gathering, it’s going to be hilarious.

The conversation turns to why the two are there in the first place.

“Do you know where, or how to find Old Bones?” He asks Haunts.

Haunts grimances, “uuuuh, not really. He’s a bit before my time, and hasn’t really kept up to date with the Forsaken in Dublin, he’s a bit of a loner. He Who Binds might know, he’s an Itheaur in the Cobblestones – part of the old guard like Bones. Sorry!” Haunts grins.

Meanwhile to the north of the city, a newly changed werewolf is meeting another of the ‘People’ as these guys call themselves. Liam Roper is (well, was) a member of the Garda, technically on leave following a break-down and subsequent disappearance. Upon waking up, he was picked up by some hard-core weirdos operating near the coast north of Dublin – a collection of “Storm Lords” and “Bone Shadows”. He’s been told because he Changed under the half-moon he’s an “Elodoth”, a walker-in-between. Since Changing he’s found he can shape-shift and has extra-ordinary senses, and then there’s a Shadow. About a month ago, he met up with the rest of the Tribe he was inducted into, the Storm Lords, in a ‘Gathering’ – and ended up running into a Church where something entered the Flesh and then it got set on fire. The weeks since have been less dramatic.

One of the Storm Lords meets him, a guy called “Cliff” – and tells him that he should go visit Ocean’s Fury, she knows some other newly changed werewolves who might have an opening fr a pack mate.

“You can’t live here forever”, he rumbles.

Liam, therefore, goes to down to Dublin docks, apparently Fury lives in some small warehouse.

Fury, kinda does. As he leans around the front doors, Fury is sparring with a guy. He looks young, and has the look of a student about him. But as Liam hangs back, and watches, the guy is nifty with the practise sword. He’s as good as the veteran warrior, and might even be better. The guy looks familiar as well, and Liam recognises him as one of the Storm Lords, and member of the pack that had that Church on their territory.

Eventually the two notice him waiting and Fury waves him over, and asks him what he’s doing. Liam explains that he’s been sent here because she knows a pack with spare space?

Fury smiles and introduces him to John – “we’ll finish this another time” she says to John, before leaving the two.

John stares at Liam, who stares back. “I’ll uh, take you to the others?” John starts to walk back to the territory and phones Lorcan, and they agree to meet up at the Chase.

At the Chase the four have a halting introduction, with John, Lorcan and Ethan not exactly enthused with being given a pack member. It’s agreed (amongst the Bleeding Hunters) that Liam can… Wait before being inducted, but he’s more than welcome to help out. Liam shrugs, it’s not like he’s got anything else to do.

The all but John (who has a shift) heads out to He Who Binds, who owns an odd trinket shop in Temple Bar. As they enter they find a small shop with towering shelves (more like ordered piles) of paraphenalia, as Ethan looks about with the eye of a child in a candy store, he notices that there’s a common theme. A lot of the curios have binding qualities. It makes sense to Lorcan, who’s also having a look about before finding a wiry old man at the back of the shop, He Who Binds is an impressively skilful Fetish maker, and member of a Lodge renowned for it’s collective knowledge of spirit binding.

Lorcan goes up to the desk and greets Binds, and explains that they’re looking for Bones, do he know where Bones operated out of?

“Not exactly no, after all he didn’t exactly have a pack… But Bone Shadows tend to have ‘dens’, they’re little hidey-holes that we tend to have, we keep… Personal items there. I think Bones had his around the Grand Canal dock. You should look there, if you want to find him.”

Lorcan thanks him for his help, and the pack leave, not before Ethan leaves with some new trinkets.

The three convene outside with a plan. As well as Bones, Ethan wants to try to get hold of his father’s will, currently in the hands of the Garda – specifically with the task-force being headed up by Detective Byrne. Lorcan and Liam agree to meet Byrne (Liam has his number) at a pub in the pack’s territory – the Old Curio. Meanwhile Ethan heads out to the Canal Docks.

The area has fallen on hard times, there were plans for a massive redevelopment a couple of years back but eventually the money disappeared, and the area fell into a sodden kind of decay. Now the old terrace rows sit into the group, slowly falling apart, their basements collapsing into the old sewer and pumping tunnels.

In the real world this area is quite nice, but nice isn’t interesting – so we get some wet urban decay instead.

Surmising the den is probably going to be underground, Ethan quickly finds an entrance to the old sewers, unlocking the gate with a thought an mote of essence. In the tunnels he looks about an shifts his sight over to the Other, finding a slumbering spirit of the path and uses Spirit Whispers asking it where the Old Bones went – the water (about 6 inches deep here) on the path abruptly flows down the the tunnel, going around a corner.

The tunnels here haven’t fully recovered from the storm about a month ago.

As he travels through the tunnels he begins to notice a familiar scent, the scent of brine. Suspicions peeked, Ethan heads down the tunnel and find the collapsing walls revealing basements. He’s under a row of houses.

Looking about he finds one basement that stands out. Inside are a weird load of trinkets, and remains of glass jars – all smashed – with the scent of brine heavy in the wet air. Looking around Ethan, sniffs – the scent of Old Bones is unmistakable. Finding nothing in the basement he heads up stairs and finds himself on the set of some conspiracy theory thriller. Across an entire bare wall is the remains of a thread and notes diagram, over a map of Dublin. Not being able to make heads of tails of it in the dark, Ethan takes a few pictures with his blockia and heads out through the border up back door, surreptitiously kicking his way through the rotted planks nailing it shut and heads back the Chase.

Underneath, dead feet splash through the waters.

Meanwhile, Lorcan and Liam are sitting in the Old Curio, and beckon Byrne over. Byrne nods his get to Liam, “Roper”.

“Byrne”, Liam introduces Lorcan to Byrne – and Lorcan proceeds to probe Byrne to see if Byrne is aware of his Wolf-Blooded nature, his nature that is given away by his eyes, gleaming in the half-light of the old pub. The thing is, Byrne doesn’t know – and if he any suspicions he doesn’t reveal them. Patience wearing thin, he asks what the two want.

“It’s about Killen Road,” Lorcan begins.

“What about it?” Byrne asks.

Lorcan pauses.

Then tells the truth, including the Shining One.

There is a pause as Byrne slowly narrows his eyes.

“I think we’re done here.” And with that he leaves.

The two look at each other, finishes their drinks and leaves for the Chase, where Liam offers to show them how to actually shoot – after seeing the guns they have. And so Jack gets a shooting lesson.

This is how Ethan find them, when he returns from the Canal Docks. When he shows them the grainy pictures of the map he found, and the three pore over. Together they realise the points are all within paces of bodies of water, the coast, the canals, the Liffey. With a sinking feeling they recognise a running theme. They need to check them out, and the closest is on the banks of the Canal to the north of their territory, nearby to the Bleeding Horse pub where John works.

In the late hours the three walk to the site, passing the Bleeding Horse and John on shift – John is still convinced there’s a vampire somewhere around. Following the map, they end up in an alley nearby to the canal. Looking around Liam notices an old blood stain that somehow survived the rainy weather. Looking over to the other side, Ethan find the blood stain as a slowly moving violence spirit, slumbering on the wall. Ethan tries to Spirit Whisper, but can’t seem to elicit a response from the slumbering spirit.

At a dead end the pack decides to hit the next closest. The problem is that it’s just in the territory of the Dockland Wolves, the alpha of which gave Lorcan his deed name – and with whom Lorcan has ‘history’ with.

So, the pack find themselves on the borders of the territory, with Ethan arguing that they should announce themselves. Lorcan doesn’t exactly want a reunion with Steel Eyes, so votes to just quickly go in, and then out. Ethan points that this is a terrible plan. Lorcan agrees, and walking into the territory. Looking at Ethan, Liam shrugs and follows Lorcan.

Ethan sighs.

And there we have the first session! Tomorrow is the next session, which we finally get to see Jack “Steel Eyes” McGabe – which is something I’ve been looking forward to. And of course, the Brine part of this Chronicle starts to rear it’s aquatic head. See you next time!



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