Fire and Brine

Story One - A Place Called Home - Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Welcome back reader! The third session of the game, but sadly we’ve lost one player. What’ll happen to Blue? Who knows.

So, before the newly minted pack have bounded their territory, they have a new totem, they have various problems involving mortals, and there’s a Wound in their territory. We join the action in the early morning of Wednesday.

The Bleeding Hunters are moving back after dealing with the Urged drug user. Lorcan, John and Blue move off to get some rest, whilst Ethan has an idea. The Chase has been looking rather drab and empty, what it needs is some furniture. So he goes out into the night and starts scrounging around the territory for discarded (or forgotten) items that might be useful. As he finds them he brings back chairs, once he finds a table, he also comes across another scrounger who’s found what he wants and points him to a ‘good spot’. Once there he finds the place picked clean. Moving back through the streets as light appears on the horizon he notices the gleam of metal and he finds a gas powered stove, battered but functional. Pleased with himself, Ethan moves back to the newly furnished Chase and falls asleep.

In the morning, whilst Ethan slumbers Lorcan goes to Woad Warriors and finds a young man outside, it is Warren – the not-so mysterious financial benefactor of Woad Warriors. Warren is a trust-fund baby, he’s not so bad, but his idea of a normal life is not exactly normal. He apologises genially, but he’s forgotten his key again, but he has brought a morning coffee! Lorcan let’s him in and catches up with Warren, explaining his absence in the form of “met some people”. Warren doesn’t pry, but he does notice that the paperwork has been done. That never happens (Warren weirdly likes paperwork), and Lorcan explains that him an Sinead have had…. A disagreement. Warren sighs, “fair enough mate”. Lorcan spends the rest of the morning doing the same tattoo he normally does on yet another student. As Warren finishes his coffee and wanders off saying goodbye.

Meanwhile John is looking for a job. His list of applicable skills (as he sees them) is being able to beat the crap out of people. The natural career progression is therefore bouncer. He spends a couple for hours trawling through the internet in a cafe (spending fast disappearing cash), and eventually finds a job advert. Coincidentally it is at the Bleeding Horse pub. John checks himself out and makes himself look slightly presentable and walks over, and finds a pretty empty bar, with the owner working behind, cleaning a glass as publican are always tend to be doing. John introduces himself and the guy, David, looks him up and down and is impressed by what he sees.

Slight tangent. John is Brawl five. This means that statistically he probably outranks any mortal practitioner of brawl within Dublin. He might look like a student (because he was) but he holds himself instinctively like a master brawler. This is one of the advantages being mystically tied to the war facet of a God I suppose.

David says, “seeing as you have no experience in this, come over on Saturday for a trial. If you’re good, you’ll have a job.”

John, also pleased with himself walks back to the Chase.

Ethan wakes up in the early afternoon, gets up and meets Jack as he comes back to the building. Jack explains that he’s had a bit of luck, he has a name for a dealer actually dealing with Black Veins. ‘Fred’, Jack knows of him, and has actually dealt with him a couple of times. A few minutes later John and Lorcan arrive from their various activities and the pack catches up.

Once caught up they discuss their next moves, the two main things on that list are; Jackie and these Black Veins. Jackie’s phone keeps on bouncing back as if it’s turned off. Whilst they discuss the pack are starting to notice Jack, who is twitchy, with physical tics and a short attention span. It’s obvious these are withdrawal symptoms.

The pack decide that they need to at least try to find Jackie, and Lorcan and John go to Jackie’s address (Ethan may be too much of a trigger at the moment), leaving Ethan to talk to Jack. Jack knows what is happening, and acts defensive. Secretly, Jack is impressed though – it’s been a long time since anyone’s actually asked him questions. Ethan does also find out how long he’s been using; ten years. Ethan teaches Jack how to meditate, and centres himself.

Whilst Ethan talks to Jack, Lorcan and John move to a small block of flats near the centre of Rathmines. Outside, they buzz the intercom and talk to one of Jackie’s flatmates who haven’t seen her for a couple of days. The two sigh and thank her. Another dead end.

Not wanting this to be a complete waste of time, Lorcan leaves an advertisement for Woad Warriors through the letterbox. Then the two leave for the Chase.

Meanwhile back at the Chase there is a knock at the door. Ethan checks the gaps inbtween the boards over the window above and sees the knocker is Bones, he’s back. Letting him in Ethan notices that the right hand side of the elder Uratha is stiff, reaching all the way to his face where the right hand side is horribly scarred, still pink and healing. Ethan decides not to pry to much and leads him upstairs.

Bones enters upstairs, and upon seeing Jack gets up in the man’s face and sniffs deeply. He looks at Jack for a time then grunts and gingerly places his limping self into the sofa. He notices out-loud that the pack have a Wolf-Blooded and asks whether Jack is from a family or is ‘spontaneous’. At this point the other two arrive and greet Bones, also noticing his battered state.

Bones explains that most Wolf-Blooded are from families, “it runs in the blood” he notices wryly. He asks the Uratha whether Jack is from a family, to which they don’t know and ask Jack. He replies he has no idea, though Lorcan gets the feeling he’s not telling the whole truth. Bones just narrows his eyes at Jack’s claim.

Bones also asks how the group is getting on, and the pack look at each other and explain the the house. Bones, realising just how little they know, quickly explains the basics of a Wound, noting that 22 Killeen Road is just starting. Lorcan raises an eyebrow and turns to Ethan.

“I thought you said it looks like hell.”

Bones tells them it will need to be dealt with, and it’s not simply a case of walking in there and beating everything taint up. He asks the pack how they think they would have to deal with the Wound, but they have no idea. He specifically calls out Ethan, who should be the one that deals with this, considering he’s the Itheaur of the pack (and the cause of the Wound in the first place). But Ethan doesn’t know how he would do it.

This not knowing is also OC as well as IC, so know Bones shifts gears.

Bones sighs and then explains that both sides of the Gauntlet are linked, and events will effect the other side which then feeds back the other other side. He tells them that they have got to solve the spirit side, as well as the material side and the source of the tainted essence. Basically, they have to put the figurative ghost of that tragedy to rest. If they find themselves in over their heads, then he suggests they look up a group of werewolves called The Lodge of the Empty Bowl.

The group thank Bones for his help, and politely raise the point of Bones’ wounds. He tells them that the waters around Dublin are dangerous, and getting more-so nowadays.

“This,” he gestures to his right had side, “is courtesy of the ”/wikis/the-drowned" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Drowned." Bones tells them the story of the Drowned, finishing the tale with “and this story is true”, looking at Lorcan. Lorcan instantly feels some strange effect on him, almost as if his knowledge of the strange and supernatural has been added to by someone, as if the tale he heard taught him something.

Bones looks at him and smiles.

Lorcan has 5 occult now thanks to This Story is True.

After this, Bones makes his excuses and leaves, but before doing so warns them, “more deadly things than the Drowned lurk in the waters”.

With that the group get rid to meet Fred, as they leave they see Jack getting his pistol. Lorcan goes to the basement, pausing at the remains of the growth he had caused, and picks up a length of metal to use as a makeshift weapon. The weather outside is now truly atrocious, the wind is howling and ice cold water is sprayed at an almost horizontal level, and this is just Friday’s storm starting.

The pack trudge to the largely abandoned industrial estate where Jack has organised a meet up, to a warehouse, with dim lights shining out of the grubby windows. As they enter through the main sliding doors at the front they are presented with a dimly lit wide open space with what look to be pre-fab offices at the back. Towards the back is a flickering light illuminating a man waiting besides a metal table with a bag on it.

John closes the door behind the pack, and whilst doing so channels some essence, using All Doors Closed, sensing the front, back and office doors in the building and locking everything other than the front doors. The rest of the group move up to Fred, with Ethan peeling away to check out the offices behind Fred.

The pack approach Fred, smelling his nerves on the air. But there’s something else, other bodies coming from the offices.

And the smell of gunmetal.

“Uh Jack, you didn’t mention there was gonna be others?” Fred says, eyeing the rest of the pack nervously. He looks at Ethan eyeing the door, “you know, there’s nothing back there man”.

The pack pauses, and Ethan focusses on the door.

There’s a voice behind door, “shit, we’re blown – fuck ’em”, and the door handle rattles as someone tries the door and finds themselves locked in. There’s a blast as the lock explodes into fragments and door splinters and the rest of the door buckles under multiple gunshots, a few of the blind shots manage to graze Ethan standing near to the door.

The pack instantly react as the door’s remnant swing open; Lorcan flips the table for cover, Ethan runs for the side of the door getting out of the way, and John charges (whilst shifting into Dalu) straight into the doorway, gut-punching a man with a shotgun and finding himself in a room with six men with guns.

Lorcan grabs a stunned Fred and shoves him behind the desk, shouting at Jack to cover Fred, and vaults towards the door, shifting into Dalu. Ethan meanwhile also runs to the room with John laying into the shot-gun man and knocking the man to the ground. All the while the men shoot and shoot into John, but the man keeps ducking out of the way, only getting grazed. But the numbers are telling, and soon John and Ethan are bleeding heavily.

Fred looks at Jack, “you used to be cool man.”

Fully shapeshifted, Lorcan brings out his metal club and lays into the first man he sees. He catches the guy completely off-guard and there’s a spray of blood and teeth as he breaks the man’s jaw.

As the guy collapses seemingly dead one of the would-be-ambushers shouts in rage and pulls the trigger down of his automatic and sprays the room at Lorcan, John and Ethan. The three are hit from the hail of bullets, and Ethan is grievously wounded as the bullets cut into existing wounds.

The wounds unlock something angry in Ethan and a hot red rage overwhelms him for the first time since the first change, Ethan explodes into a seven foot tall wolf-monster.

“W-what was that?” Fred asks.

The room pauses as Ethan looms over the group. Then there’s death.

“Hey, there’s a guy alive here”, Lorcan pulls out the guy he nearly brained from under the pile of corpses. The man is breathing shallowly and barely has a pulse, he seems to be in some sort of coma.

As the three leave the room, Lorcan activates Black Earth, Red Hunger and plant life appears from cracks in the concrete floor, reaching for the pile of corpses.

Fred is sitting behind the table with Jack holding a gun to him, Jack who is now looking at the three walking out the room covered in blood, and other things. Jack turns white.

Lorcan dumps the barely alive man in front of Fred as the three walk around into his eyeline. Fred looks at the near-corpse and to the guys in front of him. The pack then ask nicely where those men came from. Fred, nearly in terrified tears, gives them an address.

Lorcan tells him to phone for an ambulance for the man on the floor.

Ethan then tells him to stop dealing on “the bleeding hunters’ turf”.

Then the four walk away leaving a mess of a man into the storm.

So, a relatively short session in game. And my tentative experiments to see how hard these guys continue. Note to self, numbers don’t help.

In a couple of session we should be seeing the wider werewolf population in Dublin, which’ll be fun. Now they group seems settled it’s now time to start adding to the cast methinks.

See you next time!


need to fix a link for the drowned, I would but don’t know how. Love reading these before a session, reminds me of what we gotta do.


Huh, I don’t know what is happeneing there. The Drowned’s page on the wiki should be accessible.


Great AP!

I’m about to run a WtF2E game this Friday, and it’s nice to see your players in action. It certainly helps me get in the right mood.

Looking forward to more AP goodness.


Thank you! It is a pleasure to run _


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